Walter Dirks Photography: Blog en-us (C) Walter Dirks Photography [email protected] (Walter Dirks Photography) Fri, 08 Mar 2024 17:15:00 GMT Fri, 08 Mar 2024 17:15:00 GMT Walter Dirks Photography: Blog 120 120 Henry Moore On a beautiful warm May day in spring some years ago now, I had the incredible chance to visit Henry Moore's studio, a haven of creativity. Armed with my first SLR camera and my first roll of Kodachrome slide film, I was in the quiet presence of unfinished masterpieces. Moore wasn't there that day, but I felt his essence in every curve and contour of his small and large sculptures.

I was given permission to take photographs and my lens captured a particularly beautiful biomorphic work. It sat on his workbench illuminated by light from the skylight above. The beauty of the sculpture, the perfect lighting, and my nascent compositional skills came together, allowing my simple camera and its basic light meter to capture a moment of pure harmony.

The original colour photograph captured the magic of that day and unknowingly contributed to setting me on a path to a future in photography. Years passed, and the digital age has prompted me to revisit this formative image as a retrospective black and white.

This new version is more than just a picture; it is a narrative that spans years, a dialogue between the analog past and the digital present. It stands as a testament to a crucial moment when, guided by Henry Moore's silent teachings, I captured more than a sculpture; I captured a future whispered through my camera's aperture. This photo is a blend of past insights and present skills, honouring the day when light, form, and ambition came together, laying the groundwork for my lifelong photographic journey.

Looking at the photograph now I can see how the lighting accentuates the textures and form of the sculpture. The strong composition, with the use of negative space creates a dramatic effect and draws focus to the sculpted form, creating an impression of quiet strength and serenity.

Henry Moore was one of the most prominent sculptors of his time and I am deeply thankful for the way he inspired me, even without knowing it. His studios and gardens are well worth a visit… #sculpture #art

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The Chalet Symonds Yat The Chalet-Symonds YatThe Chalet-Symonds Yat I recently had the privilege to photograph the iconic chalet that was used for the Netflix series, Sex Education. It is situated  on a slope on the edge of The River Wye commanding beautiful views. My photography was used to market this luxury property and has had significant editorial exposure. Here are a few articles with some of the photography,

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Genuine Kindness In the stillness of Vermilion Lake, with the majestic Mount Rundle in the background, I set out to immortalise a sunset. The golden hour, that brief moment when the world is painted in soft pinks and deep purples, beckoned. But as I reveled in the glow of nature's spectacle, fate had a different plan. A misstep, and I was immersed full length in the cold embrace of the lake, my prized Harris Tweed jacket now drenched in memories.

Fortune, however, was about to shine again, but not from the horizon. A chance meeting with a compassionate manager on an industrial estate in Canmore changed everything. My jacket, jeans, shirt, and scarf, all dry cleaned and returned to their pristine state, as if the lake's waters had never touched them. His refusal to charge me was a gesture of goodwill that left an indelible mark on my trip to Canada.

As a token of gratitude, I'm sending him the photograph of a fleeting moment before life decided to make a splash. I hope he sees not just the majestic Mount Rundle and the serene Vermilion Lake but also a reflection of his own kindness.


Mount Rundle, Banff Canada This photograph is for sale in the Fine Art gallery.

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Selfless Exceptionalism Selfless Exceptionalism

I was lucky to grow up in a time when turning up with polished shoes, shirt neatly tucked in and a sharp pencil was valued… These values are still important to me and now it is using the very best cameras, electronic support and software…and of course having polished shoes.


I have recently been reflecting on my long career as a professional photographer. In particular…. about brand integrity, marketing and client relationships. I owe a debt of gratitude to so many for what I have learned along the way and in particular I think of the studio where I trained in Canada. Upon arrival in the UK one of my first clients was BMW (GB) Ltd. Talk about in at the deep end! I very quickly learned the value of “attention to detail” and client customer relations. To say nothing of “Brand Value” in an above the line product.  Along with my many other clients I was privileged to work with many gifted marketing managers at BMW over an 18 year period. …in particular Andy Clarke and Paul Harris. Both who eventually moved on to even bigger things like a Global Brand Consultancy, Rolls Royce and McLaren. I discovered that although I was a servant and a small cog in a much bigger marketing machine I could make a difference and although a freelance I discovered the value of working as a team.


Over the years I discovered that my work was much more than just taking photographs.  I learned the importance of reflecting well the values and brand quality of my clients. I always want to make them look good in all I do, my presentation, what I say and of course….through great photographs.  The result for me has been that many of my clients although starting out as small business have grown into National and even International Companies and I was part of the journey.  One local company became the front runner to the now huge “serviced apartment” industry. It has been great to be part of their successes even though my part was small. Sadly there are some businesses on a slippery slope who only think of the bottom line, cut corners in marketing, devalue the brand and become mediocre.


Honesty, Integrity, loyalty and expertise and all the values we admire are well documented.. but something I  intend to explore more in future is the value of “selfless exceptionalism” a concept I discovered from the book Greatness by the psychologist  Dr David Cook.  I am lead to believe there lies fulfilment, success and greatness. I continue to love photography with a passion and I am looking forward to the next phase… hopefully with much “exceptionalism”. Be encouraged and don’t be dragged down by purveyors of doom and gloom. Make the most of every precious day….. make it “exceptional” !! 



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HRH The Princess Royal

Going through some older photographs I was delighted to find this photograph of "The Princess Royal" with "The Coneheads". It was a pleasure to be the "official photographer" on this event and capture the moment. Her Royal Highness has been one of the most dedicated hard working Royal ...I am so glad I found this picture. 

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Queen Camilla Little did I know that one day ...... who would have thought?

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Best Photograph Ever Sometimes I am asked “What is the best photograph you have ever taken”? My answer has always been… “I haven’t taken it yet”!
Well last weekend I got close…

Most of my photography work is related to business … including people but not weddings. 
Last weekend I took a photograph of my daughter just before we left for the church on her wedding day. I had to didn’t I? 

I always try to capture the essence of my subject… even in architecture. I am really pleased with this shot of my daughter … this is the essence of Grace.

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Fresh Headshots  

Do you need "fresh" headshots for your business?

The last couple of years has meant that many profile photographs are "old' and "outdated" as people have isolated or worked from home. As we move forward it will be easier to update these photographs. Many companies I work for are already doing just that...especially as "new employees" arrive.  

If you want “fresh”professional headshots to update and enhance your internet presence please get in touch. I promise I will make you all "look better" than my friend in the photograph.




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An Experience Clifton Suspension Bridge An Experience 

I have just added a new camera to my array of photographic equipment. It is from a well known camera maker who is fast rising as a supplier to the digital professional photographic market. A leading camera testing company DXO rate the sensor in it as one of the best ever. My Canons now have a Sony stablemate.

Last night I had one of those “fail” nightmare dreams. I was on an assignment and working with a “film” camera (Pentax 6x7 with a 45mm wide angle lens). After hours of grooming and photographing interiors I had an awful thought..”Is there film in the camera?” Yes there was but as I unloaded it, the roll of 120 film started to unravel and separate from the light proof backing paper. Hours of shooting were lost! The dream got me thinking.

In the days of film and before digital I learned how important it was to load and maintain my cameras…. I used the best in the day and my 4x5 Arca Swiss with leather bellows and micrometer drive was an exquisite work of art. If a sheet of film was not loaded dust free, shots were ruined. The film was loaded in the dark and you only found out after the shoot if you had got it wrong! I shot 1000’s of rolls of film over the years and can honestly say that no big disasters happened or film was ruined at the lab. I had a 5 year project that took me on trips around the world and after a two week period of shooting I would rush my film to the lab with great anxiety hoping that the thousands of pounds spent on travel and hours shooting were not lost. A precarious existence with so many variables to say the least.

Shooting with film required extensive preparation with no Photoshop bailouts or chimping. If lighting, composition and attention to detail was not meticulously adhered to the result was a “fail”. I always had in mind that I was only as good as my last shoot and it was all down to me as a self employed photographer to make sure I delivered….every time! In our instant digital world we can immediately see if we have “the shot” with no long agonising hours of waiting while the film is being processed.

My new Sony opens up a potential I didn’t even dream of back in the days of film and almost every shot is now perfect in execution. Compared to the days of the family camera  and  film that went to Boots we can now “all be photographers by comparison”. Yes. the standard is much higher now but so are the demands from sophisticated marketing people who are more visually literate than ever. Getting “the shot” and getting the job done when clients are spending a lot of money is still a huge challenge. Every assignment that I do comes with years of experience and problem solving. With that behind me I have a greater confidence but I still feel a tension and excitement with every new assignment. The “butterflies’ mean that I never take a shoot for granted and that I still prepare meticulously and never underestimate the value of experience. 

I continue to love photography with a passion and every assignment is a thrill. For those interested in photography I am going do a bit more “one to one” tuition. In light of Covid protocol I am doing outdoor exercise “walk, talk and take photographs”. Assignments will continue as always ....



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Prestigious Bath Royal Crescent Photography It is a rare opportunity to photograph one of the prestigious Royal Crescent properties in Bath. Their presence has attracted tourists from all over the world and to say these lovely houses have been photographed from the outside, millions of times, is an understatement. It was a great pleasure and honour to be commissioned to photograph one inside and out and of course a huge challenge. I am happy to say the client was delighted.

[email protected] (Walter Dirks Photography) bath bath" bristol photographer bristol professional photographer crescent royal walter dirks Tue, 10 Mar 2020 13:16:31 GMT
Bristol Jazz Festival Photography 2019

Andy Hague is a jazz institution in Bristol and he has influenced and provided encouragement for many musicians over the years. He recently played a Miles Davis tribute to the Kind of Blue Album with his band at The Bristol Jazz and Blues Festival. I was thrilled to hear the gig but also thrilled to get this reflective photograph of Andy as he listened to a solo being played by Terry Quinney. 

[email protected] (Walter Dirks Photography) and Andy Black Blue Blues Bristol Bristol Photographer Bristol Professional Photographer Davis Dirks Festival Hague International Jazz Kind Miles of Photographer Photography Professional Walter Walter Dirks White Mon, 15 Apr 2019 08:29:44 GMT
Beautiful House Sold I recently had the privilege to photograph this beautiful property for Knight Frank Bristol. Nine days after launching, the house had two offers over the guide price and needless to say the owner was delighted. I was informed that some people had journeyed over 4 hours to view the property based on the details and the photographs. I am always pleased when my photographs do the intended job as in this case. 

[email protected] (Walter Dirks Photography) beautiful house bristol photographer bristol" for houses houses for sale houses sold knight frank sale walter dirks photographer Fri, 15 Mar 2019 13:24:17 GMT
My Instagram Account  

Myrtos Beach - KefaloniaMyrtos Beach - Kefalonia


I am developing my Instagram site and have found a wonderful community and a wealth of great photographs.

Please have a look and “follow”.


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Paris in the Spring My first visit to Paris and I am hooked on this beautiful, creative and stylish city. This trip was a long weekend break but I would love to spend more time taking photographs and absorbing the culture... a photographic project would be  treat. 

[email protected] (Walter Dirks Photography) bristol photographer paris paris in the spring walter dirks Tue, 29 May 2018 17:07:08 GMT
A Moment in Uganda I love Uganda and its' vibrancy .... people, landscape and wildlife. I recently went on a trip with some photographers who were keen to improve their skills. Part of the trip was in a game reserve and I felt fortunate to get "up close and personal" with this water buffalo... They are one of the most dangerous look at this guy with his little "birdie" friend singing on his back you might find that danger hard to believe... Yes... of course I was a 300mm lens distance safe.  It is always nice to get a shot that you are pleased with and even better when you get the added 'bonus"... I always am looking for that little extra something in  in getting "the shot" . I think the others who came on the trip to Uganda with me felt they were able to "get " many great shots and I think they all thoroughly enjoyed the experience of the did I.

[email protected] (Walter Dirks Photography) bristol photographer bristol photography photography trip uganda walter dirks Sat, 28 Apr 2018 18:33:38 GMT
iPhone Photography  


After the recent snow, I went out for a walk along the canal at Bathampton and I took a few photographs of the rapidly disappearing snow and ice. They say the best camera is always the one you have with you. My always with me camera is either my Fuji XT2 or my iPhone 8 which is great.


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Architecture - The Physical Experience I spend a lot of my time photographing architecture and always see the challenge  as capturing the "physical essence" in a digital format. Ultimately the real thrill  is the physical experience so my role as a photographer is to get people into buildings.

[email protected] (Walter Dirks Photography) Tue, 16 May 2017 10:39:57 GMT
Bobby Shew Comes To Bristol Bristol has had some great trumpet players visit this city and the treat this year was Bobby Shew at The Bristol Jazz and Blues festival. I sat in on his trumpet workshop which was well attended. I am sure that Andy Hague, Nick Malcolm and Jonny Bruce (some of Bristol’s finest) who sat in the front row would agree that Bobby was generous, gracious, hilarious and gave a wealth of information.. Bobby toured the UK for 15 days and although he must have been shattered he encouraged Bristol’s finest Big Band, on his last gig here, to play several more “last songs”. He kept going while the younger ones were no doubt flagging. Bobby met the expectation for higher, louder, faster but I loved the gentle sweet sound that came from his flugel horn. I was pleased to have a couple of minutes with him after his workshop for this picture…he was tired and it shows but what a privilege to have yet another legend visit the festival.

[email protected] (Walter Dirks Photography) Bobby Shew Bristol Jazz Denny Ilett Jonny Bruce The Bristol Jazz and Blues Festival Trumpet Walter Dirks Walter Dirks Jazz Photography Walter Dirks Photographer Wed, 22 Mar 2017 13:45:51 GMT
Bristol "One to One" Photography Lessons I love talking about photography. My Bristol based "One to One" photography lessons are relaxed and will help beginners/experienced photographers to advance or perhaps just explore a fresh approach to their photography  ..... Here is a picture taken on a recent "walk and talk" by the sea. 

[email protected] (Walter Dirks Photography) Bristol Photography One to One Photography Lessons Photography Lesson Walter Dirks Fri, 02 Dec 2016 15:08:12 GMT
Jazz Dames - Bristol Jazz and Blues Festival For a few years now I have had the privilege to photograph the Bristol Jazz and Blues is always both a visual and aural treat. Recently a concert was held which featured seven "Jazz Dames" from Bristol to launch the 2016 festival. St Georges has many good vantage points for photography but it is hard to move around discreetly so it is challenging. I was thankful for a couple in the front row who were gracious and let me take photographs while sitting at their feet. Here is one photograph I took of Lady Nade - Nadine Gingell who wowed the crowd along with the other "dames". Don't miss the next "Bristol Jazz and Blues Festival" which will be held in March at the Colston Hall Bristol.

[email protected] (Walter Dirks Photography) Bristol Jazz and Blues Festival Bristol Launch Bristol Photography, Jazz Dames Lady Nade Walter Dirks Thu, 19 Nov 2015 12:51:35 GMT
The Big Picture - Bristol Photography I am very excited to announce a new "Big Picture" gallery on my website which will be a place where people can buy big prints and canvases for wall decor and displays. Camera technology moves at a pace and I try hard to keep ahead where I can. My latest camera files open around 200 mb's at medium format digital quality and this allows for stunning high detail large prints. I intent to add a wide range of pictures which will be suitable for wall decor at home or business. It will take a little while to fill the gallery with pictures but trips are planned  and I will make new picture announcements when they are ready. If you have specific ideas please feel free to get in touch through my contact page.

For my clients I will be able to shoot very high detail pictures which will be visibly clearer on the printed page...from double page spreads to 6 foot plus display panels.

Here is a test picture that I have just taken.... the full file size is 48 inches across at 300 dpi .... It is not possible to convey the true size here but if you get in touch I can send a sample jpeg.

[email protected] (Walter Dirks Photography) Bristol Photographer Bristol Photography Bristol Professional Photographer Wall Decor Wall Photographs Walter Dirks Mon, 27 Jul 2015 14:56:49 GMT
I love my job I recently covered the Bristol Blues and Jazz festival at the Colston Hall. It is always a treat to combine my photography with listening to great music at the same time. Equally it is great fun to mix and interact with people and capture special moments....this is one such moment. From a photographic perspective it doesn't matter what I photograph ...I always try to engage at an emotional level...yes ...even with buildings. Here is a link to some of the recent jazz photographs..

[email protected] (Walter Dirks Photography) Bristol Jazz Festival Bristol Photographer Emotional Connection Photography Special Moments Walter Dirks Wed, 01 Apr 2015 15:59:35 GMT
Eclipse - Tintern Abbey - Walter Dirks When I learned that an eclipse was on the way I put the date in my diary with a view to take some photographs of it. I have witnessed a few eclipses over the years and my first attempts to photograph them were in Canada …needless to say my results were less than exciting but at least the events themselves were memorable….I suppose they always are. This time around I had mixed feelings with memories of poor photographic results and the challenge of protecting my eyes.  


It helps to have something which connects the heavenly event to the earth so I decided on Tintern Abbey ( established 1131 AD) near Chepstow. The reasoning was that it was close to Bristol and as a ruin it has witnessed and survived much. I could imagine inhabitants fearing “ the end of the world ” when an eclipse would come and although my photographs show little of Tintern… it turned out to be a great location. 


After leaving a slightly cloudy Bristol and driving through some fog I was thrilled to find clear skies and arrived in good time to set up. There were others around with cameras and even a lady with an iPad who asked if she could sit beneath my camera…I suppose she assumed that I had good kit  and would get a good shot so she would as well. I used a 300 mm lens and tethered my camera to a laptop so I could make adjustments without looking directly at the sun. As the peak approached so did some clouds which slightly covered the sun and made getting a crisp shot of the sun impossible. On reflection I am thankful that they arrived because in the end they enhanced the event and added to the drama.


Some years ago I had the privilege to meet with and photograph Dr. David Block the eminent astronomer in South Africa…. It was clear from the outset that he was passionate about the heavens and in particularly watching the “birth of stars”. His telescopic photographs that I have seen are extremely beautiful and take my thinking much further than “three score and ten”. The eclipse this time around was equally beautiful and did the same….

Eclipse Tintern Abbey Eclipse Tintern Abbey

[email protected] (Walter Dirks Photography) Bristol Photographer Bristol Professional Photographer Eclipse Tintern Abbey Walter Dirks Sat, 21 Mar 2015 12:15:35 GMT
Vibrant Africa My recent photographic trip to Africa (Uganda) was an always is. Warm sun and smiling faces go a long to way to banishing winter blues even though the environment can be harsh with clouds of red dust, smoke from burning brush fires, endless dirt roads full of potholes and of course those pesky bugs that love to bite! Survival is a challenge which brings "living in the moment" to sharp focus and you always have a sense of living close to the edge. 

The landscape was scorched by the widespread brush fires which the rangers light to bring new growth but the animals were plentiful and it was a delight to see them looking so good. I was thrilled to get up close enough to see the whites of their eyes...but not so close that I became lunch! As a photographer I am a danger to others...when the ranger was frantically shouting and waving us to escape a charging bull elephant I was shouting to our driver to wait so I could get the shot. The driver panicked but wisely followed orders... I did not get the took me quite a while to adjust and see reason. The "shot" is now written permanently in my minds eye and I lived to tell the tale so a mixed blessing.

I have now included some of the photographs I did get in my Fine Art gallery and will be adding some more when I can...

[email protected] (Walter Dirks Photography) Africa Bristol Photographer Walter Dirks Tue, 27 Jan 2015 12:19:58 GMT
Autumn Leaves It is hard to believe but winter is just around the corner. On a recent "dog walk" in the rain I spotted these beautiful red leaves and thought "I must come back with my camera and take a picture" but of course the moment and light would pass as would the inclination. It was at that point that I remembered my iPhone with its reasonable camera in my pocket. Here is the result... they say that the best camera is the one you have with encouraged and don't miss an opportunity.

[email protected] (Walter Dirks Photography) Autumn Leaves Bristol Photographer Bristol Professional Photographer Walter Dirks iPhone 6+ Camera Tue, 14 Oct 2014 17:42:05 GMT
Super Moon over Bristol Well the "Super Moonrise" over Bristol appeared for about a minute between the dark and ominous clouds as Hurricane Bertha had a last blast. I am pleased to have grabbed a shot of this rare annual event and can empathise with Ansel Adams grabbing his "Moonrise, Hernandez". Not an equal but I think my moon looks better...;).

[email protected] (Walter Dirks Photography) Bristol Photographer Bristol Photography Super Moon Super Moon Bristol Walter Dirks Mon, 11 Aug 2014 12:04:21 GMT
Bristol Jazz Photography - Walter Dirks - Jonny Bruce The exhibition is up and running! 

In May 2012, I had an exhibition of my landscape photography at The Glass Room gallery at The Colston Hall. It was a joint showing with my friend Sheona Beaumont (now a celebrity of One Born Every Minute ! ). The exhibition was aimed to coincide with The Bristol Festival of Photography which runs annually in the month of May and it was well received. 

This year I decided to have an exhibition in my local and favourite coffee shop...Rubicon, Chandos Road, Bristol as part of the BFOP. Over the last couple of years I have built up a library of photographs which reflect the thriving Bristol jazz scene. I was one of the official photographers at the Bristol International Jazz and Blues Festival 2014 and was thrilled to get many photographs that I really like. David Redfern (famous jazz photographer) had an exhibition of his work at the jazz festival and it sowed the seeds for me to do "Bristol Jazz Photography" ...photographs of jazz performed in Bristol.

Jonny Bruce - Bristol International Jazz and Blues Festival 2014

Jonny Bruce - Bristol International Jazz and Blues Festival 2014

Although space is somewhat limited at Rubicon I will make sure to include as many local people as possible...this may take the form of some montages. A more comprehensive book is also on the way .... printed and also hopefully as an available to buy ebook.

The exhibition will run from May 1st -31st each day from 8am - 6pm and I will post some more information and links as they become available.

[email protected] (Walter Dirks Photography) Bristol Festival of Photography Bristol International Jazz and Blues Festival Bristol Photography Bristol Professional Photographer Jonny Bruce Walter Dirks Mon, 07 Apr 2014 13:19:17 GMT
Bristol International Jazz and Blues Festival - Walter Dirks - Lillian Boutté I have just spent three days at the Bristol Jazz Festival taking photographs of this most wonderful event. Bristol is becoming one of the premiere jazz  locations in the UK and this festival is really re-enforcing it. I can't wait to post produce the hundreds of photographs I took but as I was looking through my material I got so excited I thought I should at least put up one picture. Lillian Boutté from New Orleans is a legend and Bristol has been so blessed to have this beautiful lady with us. I will eventually put up a gallery dedicated to the festival but for now......

[email protected] (Walter Dirks Photography) Bristol International Jazz and Blues Festival Bristol Photographer Bristol Professional Photographer Lillian Boutté Walter Dirks Mon, 10 Mar 2014 23:39:46 GMT
Winning Bristol Photographs - 24 Hours in Bristol 24 Hours in Bristol - Photographic Competition - Competiton Winners24 Hours in Bristol - Photographic Competition - Competiton Winners The prizes have been given out and I have been successful. My photograph of the little girl playing with her yellow balloon in the Cabot Circus fountain was winner in the 15:00 -16:00 hourly category. Moonrise over the docks was highly commended as runner-up in the 18:00 - 19:00 hourly category and also highly commended as runner-up in the Visit Bristol - Visitor Guide front cover prize. One of my prizes was given out by Bristol Mayor George Ferguson who commissioned me to photograph architectural projects for him some years ago. It was great to catch up with him after the event.



[email protected] (Walter Dirks Photography) 24 Hours in Bristol Bristol Bristol Mayor George Ferguson Bristol Photography Bristol Professional Photographer Cabot Circus Moonrise over Bristol Docks Walter Dirks Mon, 18 Nov 2013 22:52:26 GMT
24 Hours In Bristol - Bristol Photographic Competition - Walter Dirks

I decided to enter the “24 Hours In Bristol” photographic competition. A task was set for hundreds of photographers to photograph Bristol in a 24 hour time frame on October 19th, 2013. 


At the stroke of midnight I was ready and took several pictures in the city centre. I was constantly distracted by “happy” people enjoying Bristol night life but they were good humoured and fun to chat to.  At three am I was tired and decided to go home for some well earned sleep. At the crack of dawn I was back out taking pictures…. I walked miles in search of that “special” shot. I was on the look out for an interesting person to photograph and finally saw a really fit looking lady getting out of her car. I new straight away she was “the one” and she said “Yes” ....I could take her picture for the competition. 


Bristol’s future belongs to the children. Children love puddles and Cabot Circus has the best puddle ever. I have watched children and families absolutely adore the fountain that rises out of the ground. Parents don’t mind their children getting wet and I can just hear the positive response when children are asked if they want to go shopping. I am so glad I was able to photograph this little girl as she played in the water...the sun was kind and briefly gave me a wonderful light. The parents were delighted with the picture I showed on the back of my camera and they were more than happy for me to enter the picture.


By evening I had some really nice pictures including The Matthew on the move and also a “Moonrise” over the docks. Each photographer was given a computer generated time slot in which one entry had to be taken. My slot was 20:00 - 21:00 and I decided to go for The Clifton Suspension Bridge. Thousands of people from all over the world visit the bridge every year and countless photographs are taken of it each and every day. I set myself a challenge to make a picture that would stand out from the rest...of course that is a huge challenge and perhaps unrealistic given my time slot of 20:00 - 21:00. Certainly it was not “the blue hour” or “sunset” and taking the photograph from a spot where thousands have photographed the bridge made my personal challenge even more difficult! 


Having a specific focus to photograph Bristol was a worthy project. It has given me greater insight into Bristol life and some wonderful hidden places which I intend to photograph when there is less of a time constraint and the light is right. If I have some success in the competition that would be great but I feel I already have my reward from the hours spent “looking” @Bristol. 


Here is a link to my entries...



[email protected] (Walter Dirks Photography) 24 Hours In Bristol @ Bristol@ Bristol Life Bristol Night Life Bristol Photographic Competition Bristol Photography Bristol Property Cabot Circus The Clifton Suspension Bridge The Matthew Walter Dirks Fri, 25 Oct 2013 10:37:09 GMT
Head Shot - One Handsome Bristol Dog After and long run of commercial photography I finally got around to photographing my dog Moses. He is just over a year old and a very handsome boy. Regular runs on the Bristol Downs and a swim in the lake at Blaise Castle keeps him fit and vital. Black dogs are quite difficult to photograph with harsh light so I used a large soft box to diffuse it..... I managed to bang off two frames before he was off but the "Head Shot" was in the "can".

[email protected] (Walter Dirks Photography) Bristol Fashion Bristol Photographer Bristol Photography Head Shots Pet Photograph Walter Dirks Thu, 04 Jul 2013 16:48:12 GMT
Harveys Cellars Bristol - The Colour of Landscape St. Mary Redcliffe - Bristol I am delighted to announce an exhibition of my landscape photographs at Harveys Cellars in Bristol. They have a great gallery space (next to The Bristol Hippodrome in Denmark Street) and will be showing my work for six weeks from May 16th, 2013.

Attached is a link which gives more detail about the exhibition and an invite to the "private view".

[email protected] (Walter Dirks Photography) Bristol Photographer Harveys Cellars The Colour of Landscape Walter Dirks Sat, 11 May 2013 08:42:20 GMT
Bristol Property  

Top quality photographs reveal the “essence” of what makes a property special and help it to “stand out”.  

I regularly photograph everything from “Town Houses” to “Country Estates” for top agents. My photographs feature in Country Life , local magazines (many cover shots), national newspapers, websites and estate agent brochures

If you are thinking of selling your property give me a call…or ask your agent to. I offer bespoke property photography which all agents will be happy to use. 

Have a look in my Architecture - Property gallery... 

[email protected] (Walter Dirks Photography) Bristol Photographer Bristol Photography Bristol Professional Photographer Fri, 03 May 2013 15:29:15 GMT
Bristol International Jazz and Blues Festival - Walter Dirks Photography Jazz is well established in Bristol and the festival over the first weekend in March has confirmed just how solid it is.

Photographing my musician friends and being able to listen to my favourite music was great fun. Although I was only around on the Sunday there were many bands playing in the foyer of the Colston Hall and my intention is to be at the event for the whole weekend next year and take a lot more pictures.


[email protected] (Walter Dirks Photography) Bristol International Jazz and Blues Festival Bristol Photographer Colston Hall Jazz Photography Jazz Photography Bristol Portrait Photography Bristol PortraitPhotography Fri, 08 Mar 2013 17:28:17 GMT
Photographing People I love photographing people! I always attempt to show them in a good more ways than one. Recently as snow lay on the ground I was able to make the most of its flattering light enhancing quality. This photograph was taken on a Canon 7D with a medium telephoto lens and a wide aperture which gives a flattering perspective and a soft out of focus background.  

[email protected] (Walter Dirks Photography) Bristol Based Photographer Bristol Photographer Bristol Professional Photographer Head Shots Portraits Walter Dirks Fri, 08 Feb 2013 12:39:52 GMT
Rubicon Exhibition

My senses were acutely awakened in my early years by the Canadian outdoors. The sky was big and mostly blue with fluffy cumulus clouds. The grasses had that wonderful earthy aroma... especially just after a thunderstorm. The storms made my heart race with excitement, flashes of lightning were almost blinding and the thunder claps deafening . Sometimes the wind was so strong I could lean into it and almost imagine that I was flying. Not surprising that I love being outdoors with a camera. I will be including four photographs that I took while in the Rockies on my recent trip to Canada. I had to wait for a couple of days to let the snowstorms that were in the area pass through...I think the wait was worth it.


My latest exhibition starts on November 29th, 2012 and will run into the New Year. It is again at The Rubicon Cafe, 26 Chandos Road, Redland which is open everyday from 8.30 am and closes at 6.30pm. I am hoping for continued support and if exhibition photographs mounted in acrylic are ordered before December 16th you will be almost certain to have them for Christmas.

[email protected] (Walter Dirks Photography) Banff Bristol Photographer Canada Mountains Rockies Rocky Mountains Wed, 28 Nov 2012 20:35:47 GMT
Canadian Adventure I am back from a most amazing trip to Canada. It was wonderful to catch up with family and friends and also spend some time in the Rockies taking photographs. I will be spending the next week on post production which should yield the basis for my next exhibition which will once again be at the Rubicon Cafe in Chandos Road, Redland, Bristol. The exhibition starts around the beginning of December (date tbc) and will feature some of the wonderful winter wilderness from my trip. The above photograph is of the view that greets visitors to the Rockies when they approach through the Foothills on a back road.

[email protected] (Walter Dirks Photography) Bristol Photographer Bristol Photography Bristol Professional Photographer Canada Exhibition Rockies Rubicon Cafe Walter Dirks Tue, 20 Nov 2012 13:05:21 GMT
Bristol Photographer I find Bristol a great place to be based as a photographer for a variety of reasons. We seem to get a good share of sunny mornings even when the rest of the country is dull. This makes walking my dog on the Downs in the morning a real pleasure... I saw the first frost of the year on Saturday. I am thinking I will take some early morning pictures over the coming months and put up a little slide show. As a professional photographer I have always used the best equipment on the market. This of course yields an excellent result but I just might try a mobile phone approach for a bit of fun and see what will be a little challenge to myself. 

Another joy of living and working around Bristol has been the appreciation I have received for my recent exhibitions and being part of The Bristol Festival of Photography. It seems Bristol people enjoy looking at photographs and have a genuine interest and some even buy :) . I will be going to Canada for a visit soon and plan to take some new photographs which I will include in my next exhibition....venue is yet to be confirmed.


[email protected] (Walter Dirks Photography) Bristol Photographer Bristol Photography Bristol Professional Photographer The Bristol Festival of Photography Walter Dirks Mon, 15 Oct 2012 17:46:16 GMT
The Colour of Landscape Revisited The Colour of Landscape Revisited starts next Wednesday August 1st, 2012 and runs for the whole month at The Rubicon Cafe. The cafe is a real gem on 26 Chandos Road, Redland and is open from 8.30am until 6.30pm every day.

My photographs will be mostly the same as the Colston Hall showing with an additional one or two. My intention is to give those who were unable to view the last exhibition another chance to see the pictures. I will also offer the photographs at a "special price" for the duration of the show.

I really hope that many of you will visit the exhibition...I will spend a fair amount of time at the Rubicon so I might see you there....the coffee is great.

[email protected] (Walter Dirks Photography) Fri, 27 Jul 2012 14:34:48 GMT
The Colour of Landscape Closes It has been a real privilege to show my photography to so many people through The Glass Room exhibition has now closed.  The Colston Hall has replaced it with " A Field of Jeans".... I am still processing what I have seen. 

In August I have another show in a smaller more intimate venue. I will include some of the photographs from The Colour of Landscape but also plan to shoot some new material announcement will appear closer to the time.

All the photographs recently exhibited are for sale in various sizes.....if you are interested in purchasing please contact me throughout this web site to discuss.

[email protected] (Walter Dirks Photography) Sat, 09 Jun 2012 14:54:55 GMT
The Colour of Landscape The exhibition is finally up and will run from 8 am until late every day until June  2nd.  Response from those who have seen it is really encouraging ....enough to fire me up to get out and take more landscapes. I have been privileged to travel the world...without question any future travels will  have a new focus. 

Special thanks goes to all those who have come to the exhibition....I really appreciate it.

[email protected] (Walter Dirks Photography) Sun, 06 May 2012 12:18:28 GMT
CC Family Weekend Great weekend.... I will put up a gallery of photographs here that I took over the weekend. You will be able to access this gallery with a password from the CC website.


[email protected] (Walter Dirks Photography) Mon, 23 Apr 2012 11:03:51 GMT
The Colour of Landscape  

Well it is time for my first post on this blog. First of all thank you for visiting my website....I really hope you enjoy the photographs.


On May 3rd I will be putting up an exhibition of some landscape photographs at The Glass Room Gallery in the Colston Hall, Bristol. The exhibition called The Colour of Landscape is joint with my friend Sheona Beaumont.


Sheona writes: “Images of landscapes are often held to be emotive and personally meaningful: memory, document, evocation of situation, expression, spirit, wonder are all levels of meaning given to photographs taken of particular places.  In this exhibition, two photographers draw on both their local connections to Bristol and their experiences living and traveling abroad, to consider the photographed landscape as coloured with such meaning.  Sheona Beaumont uses digital manipulation to create collaged or inverted scenes, often highlighting the spiritual dimension of our relation to our environment.  Walter Dirks captures the beauty in simplicity, reflecting on an uncluttered way of seeing as much as on the harmony of nature’s forms and colours.  Together, they seek to re-enchant our looking and to celebrate the brilliance of the world around us.”


Some of my pictures for the exhibition were taken in Africa and others fairly close to Bristol. It has taken me a long time to separate my emotional connection to landscape from my personal experience and memories. It is greatly liberating as I no longer feel constrained by geographic location. This all came about when I got up at 5 am a few weeks ago and travelled to Exmoor to catch some photographs at that beautiful time of day when the light is so soft. A  picture I was delighted to capture bears a striking resemblance to one I took in Africa at a similar time of day..... I hope you will come and visit the show which runs from May the 4th until June the 2nd.



[email protected] (Walter Dirks Photography) Wed, 18 Apr 2012 14:44:28 GMT